Foodie Paradise, Gwangjang Market.

Gwangjang Market is Korean traditional market over 100 year old history. The market is famous for its street food stalls and fabric market selling traditional Korean attire, hanbok. When Cheonggyeochoen Stream opened, Gwangjang market became popular again due to its location, which is very close to the stream. Many young couples go on a date in Cheonggyeochoen Stream and after go to the market to enjoy its street foods at cheap price.

You can see all the interesting and traditional Korean food here. Not only tourist come for food but also locals love to come for food. Gwangjang market is a must go especially for foodies visiting Seoul. Fried mung bean pancakes is one of the best food in the market. Just sit down and order your new Korean local food.

‘Sunhee ne Bindaetteok’ has one of the most famous menu in Gwangjang market. I ordered combination menu of two mung bean pancakes and one flat meat ball. The price is 10,000 won, and preety enough appetizer for two women.

You can experience many kinds of Korean pancakes, most of them made of vegetables.

The market has been comfortable place for the old to meet their friends and have a lunch(or dinner) talking over a drink.

Pig’s head?!! Yes! It is! Next to it is pig’s feet. Behind of them are sundaes, which are like a sausage.

Topokki is always quite spicy! Look at the red spicy color of it.  Do you see ‘Sikhye'(식혜) behind of topokki? Sikhye is rice juice, which is Korean traditional beverage, having sweet flavor. Many home makes sikhye for seollal, Korean lunar new years day. Sikhye will be a perfect combination for a spicy food like topokki.

Now, there comes a ‘Chicken feet’! Many foreign friends of mine have wondered of this menu. It is very extremely spicy! Even for Korean, not all of us try it.

This small kimbap has a nickname of mayak kimbap, which means addictive to the taste.

You can prove your courage with the sannakji squiggling around in your mouth. But do not eat it whole, ask her to make it sliced raw octopus.

Yukhoe is similar to beef tartare. Mixing this raw beef seasoned with various spices and sauces with a raw egg yolk on the top of the dish is the one way to eat Yukhoe. This Korean style raw beef seasoned with sauces melted in my mouth. It is worth a try.

I’d like to recommend you to visit during cool weather. It’s very crowded and no air-conditioning system in the market. However, whenever you visit, the market gives you a wonderful experience!!

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