Seochon Hanok Village

I do love May in Korea. It is one of the best months to travel around Seoul. Sun is shining with a nice cool breeze, flowers are in full bloom, and there are lots of festivals around the city. It is also the best time to stroll around old parts of Seoul. There are a few Hanok Villages in Seoul and the most famous one is probably Bukchon Hanok Village. I like Bukchon one, of course, but my favorite one is Seochon Hanok Village. One day in May last year when the weather was perfect, I was on a Seoul City Walking Tour run by Seoul city and had a wonderful time exploring the whole Seochon area.


Seochon Hanok Village Tour


Gyeongbokgung Station – Site of the Tongui-dong Baeksong (White Pine Tree) – Tongui-dong Hanok Village – Tongin Market – House of the Yun Family in Okin-dong – Ongnyu-dong – Paiwha (Baehwa) Girls’ High School Saenghwalgwan (Multi-Purpose Hall) – Sajik Park – Gyeongbokgung Station


Tongui-dong Baeksong (White Pine Tree)  

This white pine tree was once a Natural Monument but in 1990 a typhoon caused this tree to wither and die.


The outer wall of Gyeongbokgung palace


Tongui-dong Hanok Village

Tongui-dong Hanok Village is located to the west of the Gyeongbokgung palace. This district belongs to Seochon, which means Seoul’s ‘Western village’. This area was a home to the middle-class professionals.


Tongin Market

This is a great market especially to foodies!

Tongin Market and Dosirak Cafe


Ogin-dong to Suseong-dong Valley of Inwangsan

Suseong-dong Valley in Inwangsan is a nice getaway from the city. Jeong Seon (1676–1759), a master of capturing Korean landscape, painted this Suseong-dong Valley and recently Suseong-dong was restored to its original condition based on that Painting.


Park Nosu’s House in Ogin-dong


Yi Sang-beom’s House and Atelier in Nuha-dong

This house is a Registered Cultural Heritage 171.


Sajik Park

Sajikdan, an altar honoring the gods of the earth, is in the center of Sajik Park.


I thoroughly enjoyed this route. You can join Seoul City Walking Tour guided by an expert volunteer in Korean or English or make your own tour which will give you more flexibility.


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