Cat cafe vs Dog cafe

There is unending rivalry between cat people and dog people. Which pet do you think is more loving? Whoever you are, a dog lover or a cat lover, you would love this special place.

These are a cat café and a dog café. I bet you will have so much fun here. Nowadays, pet cafe is quite popular in Korea. You can find a few pet cafes nearby by searching the internet. It is particularly easy to find them if your location is near Hongdae, Gangnam and Myeongdong.



Bau House, Dog café

Let’s go the dog cafe first. The name of the cafe is ‘Bau House’. There is no entrance fee, but each person needs to buy a drink. It costs about 6000 ~ 8000 KRW.




They have two sections, which are separated to big dogs and small dogs. You can choose the room which you prefer. I went to the big dogs. They were swarming to whichever table, so I had to keep my eyes on my bag and drink. However, a dog jumping up on my table was inevitable.



Not as common as cat café, some dog cafés allow you to bring your dog to play with other dogs. Also Bau House does.

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They have a variety of breeds. I love Welsh Corgis, they are so cute and adorable. Their short legs and the rear end of a Corgi is a source of fascination. Since I saw the picture of five Corgis in the café, it is a little bit disappointing to me that there is only one Welsh Cargi. But one corgi is still adorable enough.

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I was kind of worried if the pets in café wouldn’t be healthy and happy, but it seems all right that all staffs love the dogs and give them a good care.


Address : Jeil Building 1F, 64, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Telephone : +82 (0)2 334 5152
Webpage :

Operating Hours: Weekdays: 13:30~22:30, Weekends & Holidays: 12:30~23:00 (open everyday)
Admission : No entrance fee but customer is required to order a drink.



Cheongchun Goyang-i(cat), Cat café

The name of cafe means ‘Young Cat’. I went ‘Cheongchun Cat’ cafe 2 near Hapjeong. In Hongdae area, there are several other cat cafés with ‘Cheongchun Cat 1’, ‘Cheongchun Cat 3’.


The entrance fee is 9,000 KRW for two hour staying. Buy the ticket from vending machine, it includes one complementary drink. Before you enter the cat café you must swap out your shoes for slippers and sanitize your hands. You also needs to put your bags and clothes in the closet to protect a cat spraying. You should keep cat rules. It say ‘don’t poke them, tease them, pick them up or feed them human food’. Turn off the flash lights when taking pictures them.



Cats are nice model than dogs. Dogs are always on the move.


I think there are only two kinds of cats there. Sleeping cats and ‘I’m watching you’ cats. Two-thirds cats are sleeping. But still quite many cats are prowling around you. There are more than 20 cats in the room as I count, not even including many cats in a hidden resting space for cat.

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If you want to be more loved, buying cat snacks works instantly. It gets most of cats be excited and you could see all the cats waking up and walking to you. No, they will run to you. It feels like a pop idol until the food runs out.


Lint rollers and febreze(odor eliminator spray) are provided to get cat hairs off you before stepping out.


Cheongchun Goyang-i, Hapjeong branch

Address : 3F, 400-11, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Telephone : +82 (0)2 6369 5008
Webpage :
Operating Hours: 12:00~23:00 (open everyday)
Admission : Entrance fee is 9,000 KRW for 2 hours with a complementary drink.


Loved by many, I would like to recommend you to go weekdays. It is crowded and you have to wait to enter on the weekend.


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