PC Bang, Korean Internet Cafe

While traveling, I usually do check where to access the internet. I need to google travel tips or look at google maps of the area. I often go to internet café to check my email or search information. In Seoul, you can find and enjoy a fast internet connection everywhere. You also have free Wi-Fi in the subway, cafes and tourist spots.

Nevertheless, I’d like to recommend visiting Korean internet café for fun. In Korea internet cafe is called PC Bang. I think it is an interesting place for foreigner visitors. If you enjoy any computer online games, then PC Bang is going to be a paradise for you. Even if you are not, it is still worth! What if you get sudden free time during the travel because a part of your schedule is cancelled, or just want to take a rest staying one place due to bad weather? The answer is PC Bang! PC Bang is a perfect place if you have some time to kill.

Korea takes the top spot of internet speed. It has changed Korean Internet culture. World’s fastest Internet connection speed allows people to enjoy computer games. Have you heard of E-sports? It has developed the computer game industry and e-sports field. For one game of E-sports, StarCraft had its leagues and the tournaments were broadcast on cable channel. Professional gamer is children’s top dream job. Many computer online games still have a huge following. The highest-paid Korean pro-gamer of ‘League of Legends’, aka LoL, makes 3 billion won per year. \Korea has been a huge market of online game industries.

  • Famous Game, StarCraft

The most popular game was ‘StarCraft’ of Blizzard, American Entertainment Company. Actually online games is not my thing, but even I made a stab at the game, StarCraft. Korea has been a huge market of online game industries. The most popular game was ‘StarCraft’ of Blizzard, American Entertainment Company.

Online games is not my thing, but even I made a stab at the game, StarCraft.  The game was so popular in Korea that it had its reopened ceremony for the recent remastered version at Gwangalli Beach in Busan, Korea. More than 10,000 people came to see the event. The company regarded Korea as a special market since 40% of their sales came from Korea. At the same time, PC Bang became popular in Korea. It is a playground for teenagers no matter what the weather is like, and sometimes a work space for students doing class assignments together.

  • In the PC Bang

I occasionally go to PC bang to kill time while waited. Numerous Internet cafés are in Seoul. You can find it easily near subway stations or university areas with the signboards of ‘PC’. PC Bang opens 24 hours a day. It is a really nice place to spend time, enjoying surfing. The cost is generally about $1 per hour. It doesn’t cost a lot for spending a few hours. Internet cafes have different payment systems. There are usually two types, a prepaid or deferred payment.

First of all, sit in any empty seat and sign up on the screen to unlock the computer. (Well…it’s a little tip for you. Actually I fill the form out with a fake information. Lol. I don’t think you have to put all your true personal information.) After signing up, then ask the staff of the PC Bang how to pay for it, telling your new account name (he may ask you what your I.D. is, then I.D. means the account name). Using Self-payment machine is quite difficult. Most information in local PC Bang is only in Korean. It doesn’t hurt to ask when you get confused. After charging to your account by paying in advance or later, now it is time to have fun on in a comfortable overstuffed chair with a large 32-inch monitor.

  • Snack Bar

For me, the most attractive thing in PC bang is the snack bar! You can order food from your seat, then a staff will bring it to you. I am happy with an extensive menu on the screen. I clicked Ramen, an instant noodle, to order.

Having a noodle for lunch at my desk on the computer with just a few clicks?! It is amazing for a lazy bum like me! And I am sure you will get a kick out of it, too!


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