Getting hair done in Seoul

A few days ago Jiyon and I went to the hair salon together. She doesn’t like to go to get her hair done because of its time consuming procedures. But I do like it. That’s why I’d like to share our experience at hair salon.


When you enter the hair salon, they ask you to have a reservation or have your hair dresser. If not, they assign you to other hair dresser. You get to put your personal stuff into a locker, then they would give a key. They help you to wear the salon gown and show your seat. When your designer coming, she asks what sort of style you are going for. To make sure, bring along photos of the style. If you forget to bring the photos, they would show you a lot of pictures in look book or iPad.


Her assistant ask and serve a complimentary drink. Whatever you choose to do, most of procedures starts from going for a wash. Even a haircut for men is same. I like to get my hair washed and massaged. Magazines are provided while you are waiting for the chemical to take effect on your hair. Depending on what you gets, its procedures may take around 3 hours in case of getting perm.



There are variable prices depending on what styles you choose, your hair length and shops. Based on my experience, getting perm may cost 30,000 ~ 300,000. Price is what you must check out at the first. Most of the shops have a price list. So what you should check out is if they add an extra charge to your hair length.




Famous branch in downtown would be more expensive. You can find the English speaking hair dresser there. Otherwise, you can find and try a local hair shop. I would like to recommend to visit and experience Korean hair salon. (Checking out the price in advance is mandatory!)



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