Zombie Run in Korea

Summer is the season of horror movies. Watching horror movies is considered a good way to escape the summer heat. When I was a kid, I was really frightened of a scary story about woman wearing a red mask. My mom has never been afraid of such chilling stories. She didn’t think it was a real. That helped me calm down. However, what if the fear appears in the real world? How scary is it! But if there is anyone who ever imagine and want it to get real, then he or she would be happy with this event.

In the real world, you could be a survivor from zombie. Otherwise, you could be a zombie and enjoy to scare the brains out of human. (As for me, I hope I will turn into be zombified ASAP. I hate to wait in fear of zombie. lol )

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The rule is simple. Prior to the race, three flags will be given to runner. Runner should protect them from Zombie players. Time limits in 90 minutes for 3km game course.

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Zombie Run in Korea is a little bit different from other Zombie Run abroad. Korean Zombie Run starts at night. It means it is more than just a ‘game of tag’. Other Zombie Run is fitness aiming to run the distance. It looks like a fun marathon event having obstacles and mission to complete. Whereas Korean Zombie Run make you focus on thrilling mission to survive from Zombies in horror. It is perfect horror event can cool you down during hot summer night.

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  Enjoy the Zombie Run

1. HUMAN or ZOMBIE – Choose to chase or to be chased?

Someone wants to be the last hope for human. The others thinks it would be the coolest thing to be a zombie. You can be runner or chaser by choosing between Zombie or Runner. Human has missions to complete for surviving. When you register as a Zombie, you’ll be given an orientation and training. Zombies are also given a professional zombie make-over.

 2. Different Level of Difficulty

Normal type and Hell type have different rule and missions with their different fear level. There are more various zombies and survivor package for Hell Runner.

3. After Party in Club

There will be an after club party. You can enjoy your surviving and even get a zombie makeover. After party entrance ticket is included to Zombie Run Ticket. Don’t miss the hot club party.

Good luck and Be survived!!

Copyright 2016. zombierun.korea All rights reserved.

By the way, who is this hansome zombie? 😀  Now there is one more reason why I turn into a zombie.



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