Way to enjoy Yanghwa Bridge

When I was a student I went to school by subway line 2. Subway line 2 is the circle line across the Han River twice. I liked the moment crossing and seeing the Han River. I especially loved seeing the beautiful sunset from Han River. At the end of the day, it felt like I had a fruitful day on my way home with sunset. I still like to go to Hangang Park watching the view,  especially to Yanghwa Hangang Park.


Yanghwa Bridge


Hangang has many bridges. Yanghwa Bridge is one of them. I often visit Yanghwa Bridge. There are a lot of enjoyable space near Yanghwa Bridge like Yanghwa Hangang Park, Seonyudo Park(Seonyu island) and Hangang viewing café at Yanghwa Bridge.

The best part about Yanghwa Bridge is that it has perfect accessibility. There is a bus stop on the bridge. It is very near from the subway station, Dangsan, line 2 or 9. Exit 4 of the subway station is directly connected to Yanghwa Hangang Park.


Hangang Observatory Café at Yanghwa Bridge



There are two cafes at Yanghwa Bridge.
Café Coffine Gurunaru is on both sides of the bridge. They have different views overlooking the Han rive, so it’s up to you to choose which side of river view to enjoy. I choose the side facing Seonyudo park at this time. It opens from 10:00 to 24:00.

The bus stop is right in front of the café. The bus stop is ‘Yanghwa Bridge View Café’. The bus numbers : 602, 604 (blus) / 5712, 6712, 6716 (green)


Inclined Elevator


When you want to go the opposite direction, you can take the inclined elevator next to café. It has good view looking out the window from the inclined elevator.


Under the Bridge


There are people who enjoy Wall painting or Gym Equipment. People riding a bike along Han River can either take a break in its shade.

I cross Han River by bus sometimes. I still enjoy seeing this large river while crossing Yanghwa Bridge. I hope you find some pleasure of Han River.



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