Tips to Plan a Travel Budget to Seoul

It’s always very important for me to plan the budget before travel. Budgeting for a trip could be stressful but I believe it saves so much time and energy from being wasted on the road. Therefore, I would like to give you an overview of how much you will need in Korea.


The currency of Korea is Korean won (KRW).

As of 8 November 2016:

1 USD = about 1,136 KRW
1 EUR = about 1,255 KRW
1 JPY = about 11 KRW
1 CNY = about 168 KRW


I made this list of expenses by categories based on data from numbeo.comLonely Planet, and my own experiences. All figures are based on KRW.



 Budget  Mid-range  Top End
 20,000  70,000  200,000



Korean Food

 Budget  Mid-range  Top End
 Street Food  1,000–5,000
 Meal, Restaurant  6,000  20,000  70,000
 Coffee  2,000  4,600  8,000
 Beer  3,000  5,000  8,000
 Water (0.33 liter )  800-1,000


Seoul Bus

 One-way Bus/Subway Ticket  1,400
 Taxi Start (~ 2 km)  3,000
 Taxi (2 km ~)  142m/₩100


 DMZ tour  100,000
 Cinema  10,000
 1 Pack of Cigarettes  4,500


Most shops, restaurants, supermarkets and taxies accept major credit cards and ATMs are around every corner in Seoul. So, I recommend you to have your credit card with you in case. 🙂



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