Topokki – Are you a big fan of spicy food?

Topokki is a major Korean street food. You can find it everywhere on the street, as called “Bunsikjeom”. There’s an open kitchen on the street.  You can see the entire cooking process. It is convenience to order take out through the open kitchen. There are food franchises, Jaws food, Addal, and so many locals. Topokki is one of the most beloved snack for its cheap price by young students. Most Korean have nostalgic memory of childhood, running to Bunsikjeom to go eat Topokki with friends after school.

3 Recommendation of Topokki for you

  1. Try the normal and common type of Topokki. You will be able to find them. They are in street wagons(Pojangmacha), markets, and franchise stores. The basic ingredients are rice cakes, red pepper sauce(gochujang), and fish cake.  It is SPICY and sweet. Accompany with mild ones like sundae or fritters to balance its hot, spicy taste.
  2. This type of Topokki is served on top of a portable gas stove and cooked right at the table. It has more vegetables. You can add on toppings such as noodle or mandu, etc. I’d like to make a fried rice with leftovers in Topokki source.
  3. If you dare to challenge the highest spicy level of Korea, try Yeopgi Topokki. It means ‘Crazy Topokki’ because of its very spicy taste. You can choose how spicy you want Topokki to be among three level – extremely spicy, spicy, less spicy. Be aware the spicy level. I’d like to recommend to try it when you have no schedule for the next day. Actually I haven’t try it yet, but I’m sure that it will take you to a whole new level of spicy food.


Its chewy and sticky tastes sometimes isn’t welcomed to a beginner. However, it is worth trying Topokki in Korea in that it’s the most loved and typical food of many Korean.



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