• Daelim Changgo Gallery COLUMN

    Daelim Changgo Gallery COLUMN is an art gallery and a cafe. It is in Seongsu-dong, the neighborhood called Korean Brooklyn. Seongsu-dong is a hip neighborhood with young artists and designers especially in the field of leather crafting. Daelim Changgo is housed in a red brick building which was once a factory and then used as a warehouse (the name Daelim Changgo means Daelim warehouse). From outside, it […]

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  • Daelim Contemporary Art Museum

    To endure banalities of everyday life, I regularly need to see beautiful things. I escape to museums, art galleries, concert halls, theaters, etc.  Daelim Contemporary Art Museum is one of the places where I go casually when I am in need of an inspiration and eye candies.     Daelim Museum is the first photography museum in Korea and it’s […]