Seonyudo Park on the Han River

Seonyudo Park is on a small island on the Han River.

I am sure of you knowing the ‘Han River’ and ‘Han River Park’ in Seoul. The Han River has a few of small Islets, such as Bamseom, Nodeulseom, Seonyudo and Yeouido. Some people used to live in islets until the islets have been disappeared through urban development of Seoul. Most big island, Yeouido, became a part of land by building embankment, and now a financial center of Korea.

You can see Seonyudo island on the left side, and high rise buildings in Yoeuido in front.

But we still can visit one island, Seonyudo. Seonyudo island was once used an area of water purification plant to supply of city water. Now, it has transformed into an Ecology park after 2002. Many people visits to enjoy the river views of the park. You can see some couple posing for a picture to a photographer. It’s also nice place for the people who take pictures for a hobby.


The Bridge, Seonyugyo

The 469 meter long arch bridge, called Seonyugyo, crossed from Hangang Park is only for pedestrians. Bicycle, Inline skate and Kickboard roller are banned in the park, so a rider should park his bike to the bike racks at the Han River Park.


Facilities and Theme Gardens

There are beautiful walking trails and some other facilities, ‘Seonyudo Story’ to learn the history and ecosystem of Han River and the purification equipment adaptively re-used for an aquatic botanical gardens having many water plants in their water tanks. The Garden of Green Column is an intriguing place. It was also one of the purification facility, but now changed to the green place with pillars covered in ivy without ceiling.


On the Walking Trails


Caféteria Naru

At the café Naru, you can overlook the Han River and the Seonyudo Park. I like to take a rest looking out the flowing river with an iced coffee in the cafe. The most wonderful time of Seonyudo Park is at the sunset. The scenery of the flaming sunset on the river is stunning. Weekdays or morning time are not crowded.


Seonyudo Park is located on Yanghwa Bridge between Hapjeong and Dangsan Subway stations. There are three directions depends on the subway station you choose.

Address : 343, Seonyu-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Operating Hours : Open 6 a.m. until Midnight

Webpage :

Transportation :

Seonyudo Station (Subway Line 9), Exit 3. 10 minutes walking distance.

Dangsan Station (Subway Line 2, 9), Cross the overpass connected to the Han River park from the station Exit 4. 20 minutes walking distance along the Han River Park.

Hapjeong Station (Subway Line 2, 6), Exit 5 or 10 – Take Bus 603, 760, 5714 or 7612 in the central bus lane and get off at Seonyudo Park Bus Stop. .Just one next stop from Hapjeong Bus stop. The bus will drop you at the east side of the island. Otherwise, 20 minutes walking distance along the Yanghwa Bridge.

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