Riding a Bike to Enjoy Seoul

If you are a bike rider, here are three recommended bike routes for you to enjoy the city. Seoul has fantastic biking trails along the Han River. Ride along the riverside of the Han River flowing through the heart of Seoul.


Riding bike along Han River


Best 3 Bicycle Trails  


1.Along Han River (Hangang)

Cruise the Han River on a bicycle. The 41.4 kilometer paths are on both sides of the river. There are 12 parks lining the Han River having. It is beautiful in the evenings as well, filled with the lights of the city. All of the 35 river bridges are also lit up at night.

Info. The city has placed several bike rental stations along the river. Prices are typically 3,000 won per an hour. It needs a valid photo ID card as a deposit.


2.Seoul Forest Park

Seoul Forest is a park connected to Han River. It is family friendly cycling place. It consists of five type of parks including flower garden. It is recommended to ride a bicycle slowly in the Seoul Forest. It is nice to have picnics with family after having a ride. Kids will love to feed deer and rabbits. There are also couples riding tandem bicycle together.

Info. The rental shop located near Exit 2 (Seoul Forest Station, line Bundang) Renting a bike is 3000 won per hour and tandem bike is 6,000 won per hour.


3.Riding to another city

‘Bike path of Namhangang’ is famous for its scenery, 136 kilometers long from Paldang Station to Chungju Dam. The most beautiful scenic route is the path from Paldang Station to Yangpyeong Station. Enjoy your riding along 27km long trails for about 3 hours and then go back home by subway comfortably. The path has the interesting tracks which used to be the railroad. The old railway was transformed to bike path track now. A disused railway station provides a place to relax to visitors. I would advise you to visit during week because it is so crowded on the weekends.

Info. Many rental shop near Paldang Station (Gyeongui Jungang Line) 3,000 won per hour / 10,000 won per day.



Bicycle Trails map in Seoul

Recommended Bicycle Trails in Seoul




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