1890 Namsangol Night Market

I had been away from Korea for about a year and came back to Korea 3 weeks ago. I was happy to be back home and I was really glad that it was September. September is my favorite month of the year in Korea so I wanted to explore my home city while the weather is perfectly fine. To get some ideas of what were happening in Seoul I visited Seoul’s Tourist Information Center and I found this leaflet.

1890 Namsangol Night Market?! I like Hanok, traditional Korean Houses and I love night markets. I hadn’t been to Namsangol Hanok Village yet then. There was no reason for me not to go to this market. Therefore, on one fine September day (which is 2 weeks ago), I went to Namsangol Hanok Village.

N Seoul Tower was visible from almost everywhere in the village.

Namsangol Hanok Village consists of five traditional Korean houses collected from different parts of Seoul and relocated here. Some of houses belonged to high-ranking government officials of Joseon Dynasty era so the visitors have a chance to get a glimpse of how the upper class lived during the Joseon Dynasty.

The houses are surrounded by gardens, a stream, gazebos, etc. I loved the fact that I could walk through pine trees and enjoy different kinds of flowers. 

Visitors can take part in traditional Korean activities like walking on a tightrope, a top-spinning game, archery and making theatrical masks.

And of course, there is a cafe housed in a traditional Korean hanok house offering tea and coffee. 

I could not stop laughing when I found this notice. Nap Experience??!!?!! Foot washing + 1 Beverage + 1 hour of Nap?! and it costs only 2,000 won (about 2 USD) ?! I believe it is definitely worth trying. 😀  I will try this experience when I visit Namsangol next time.

If you visit Namsangol on a Saturday night, you can also enjoy a themed night market with traditional Korean performances and dishes of the past from food trucks (If you are lucky enough you might be able to witness traditional wedding ceremonies as well).

Namsangol Hanok Village

Address : 28, Toegye-ro 34-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Webpage : hanokmaeul.or.kr
Operating Hours: April ~ October: 09:00~21:00, November ~ March: 09:00~20:00
Operating Hours of 1890 Namsangol Night Market: 2017 June ~ 2017 November 04, every Friday and Saturday, 17:00~22:00
Admission : Free

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