Korean BBQ

Eating Korean BBQ is one of the most attractive experience of Korea. No need to go outside for barbecue anymore in Korea. There are thousands of BBQ restaurants having various style of meat like Galbi, Samgyupsal or Bulgogi. They are, all meat, called Gogi.


Let’s try eating Korean BBQ!

First, Order and Grill the Meet.

Put the meat on center of the roasting grill and flip from time to time for even cooking until well done. Take care of marinated meat, which is easily overcooked. Move it on the edge of the grill to keep warm after it looks done.

Second, Wrap the meat (it’s called ssam).  

Wrap the well done meet in green vegetables(usually lettuce) mixing everything you like on the table. It should be eaten in one hit! Don’t miss to include the source.

Third, Roast garlic or Kimchi.  

Add slices of them to your ssam to make it have less fatty taste with its spicy taste so that you can enjoy more gogi feeling much healthier. But be careful of you having breath of garlic and kimchi after than.

Fourth, Order other menu.  

Bibim Naengmyeon(spicy cold noodle) or Gyeran-jjim(Steamed Egg) go well with BBQ meat. Naengmyeon is summer food and it adds different taste when you give a try eating a piece meat with the noodle. Before you eat I recommends to cut noodle using scissor because it is tough. Gyeran-jjim helps to reduce hot, spicy taste in the mouth.

Fifth, Feel free to ask more side dishes(Banchan).

If some small plates are served not in menu and you didn’t order then it is called Banchan. Banchan in small plates are free of charge and come with every meal. Fee free to ask for refills.


Recommended Korean BBQ Restaurants

I’d like to introduce four BBQ Restaurants. They serve different styles of gogi.  These are kind of franchise restaurants having chains, it is good for your easy accessibility.

  1. Newmaul
    Famous dish : marinated pork with Korean chili sauce.
  2. Heuk Don Ga
    Famous dish : Pork belly (Samgyeopsal) of Black Pig in Jeju Island.
  3. Changgo 43
    Famous dish : Beef Tenderloin and rib eye
  4. Bulgogi Brothers
    Famous dish : Beef Bulgogi with Assorted Mushrooms



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