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Hot Tracks in Kyobo bookstore

 Kyobo bookstore is a very big book shop taking up an entire floor of a building with plenty of books. This time, I’d like to show a stationary stores named ‘Hot tracks’ placed in Kyobo bookstores.


Hot tracks has a lot of stationery products like pens, notebooks, diaries, and postcards. There are so much more things you couldn’t imagine like so many types of ‘Post it’ note for a various use(calendar type or timetable stickers, and memo notes also used for keyboard pad). At the end of the year, you will find how much challenging it is to pick only one diary from tons of diaries for new year.


Are you a stationery addict?

I’d love to go shopping in stationery stores especially when I got stressed out. Buying lovely cute stationery meets my shopping needs or even seeing fancy items calms me down.


Kyobo books store is strongly recommended place not only for a book-worm, but also for stationary lover. The white paper is down in the pen section that you could try pens before you buy. You can test its point size, ink type and color to look for your best pen. If some designed note books seems to have a bit high price, you could find good ones having reasonable price by looking around the other section.


The only difficulty is finding it

The branches of Kyobo bookstore are placed in central locations in Seoul but sometimes it is not easy for you to catch them while walking in the street. The bookstores don’t have enough signs from the outside even most of them are in the basement of common office building. It’d better to make it clear to find where it is before you visit.


[Google Map]


Branch Locations

Gwanghwamun Branch – Basement in Kyobo Life Insurance Building (Gwanghwamun station, line 5, exit 3)
Gangnam Branch – Basement in Kyobo Tower (Sinnonhyeon station, line 9, exit 7 or Gangnam station, line 2, exit 10 (500m ahead)
Jamsil Branch – Basement in Lotte Castle Plaza (Jamsil station, line 2 or 8, exit 8)
Mokdong Branch – Basement in CBS building (Omokgyo station, line 5, exit 2)
Yeongdeungpo Branch – 2nd floor in Times Square (Yeongdeungpo station, line 1, exit 5)

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