Daelim Contemporary Art Museum

To endure banalities of everyday life, I regularly need to see beautiful things. I escape to museums, art galleries, concert halls, theaters, etc.  Daelim Contemporary Art Museum is one of the places where I go casually when I am in need of an inspiration and eye candies.

IMGP8906   Daelim Museum

Daelim Museum is the first photography museum in Korea and it’s still focused on photography. But, it also presents exhibitions on design and fashion.

Daelim Museum

The museum is housed in the building renovated by French architect Vincen Cornu. The building was originally a house and it is located in the kind of residential district. It has a nice garden, a seminar room and balconies too.

Daelim Museum

If you like to participate in cultural activities, I recommend visiting this gallery on Thursday evenings or Saturday evenings. Every Thursday evening, the museum hosts ‘Good Night’ which is an entertainment program with different themes each month like “Play Night“ and “Retromantic”. It offers visitors a good night with a small party, food and drink. D PASS program is held on every Saturday evenings and it presents various live events such as concerts, talks or workshops.

Daelim Museum


Daelim Museum

Address : 21, Jahamun-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone : 02-720-0667
Webpage : www.daelimmuseum.org
Operating Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday 10:00AM–6:00PM / Thursday, Saturday 10:00AM–8:00PM
Admission : 5,000 won



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