Christmas in Seoul City

It’s Christmas season. Unlike most Western countries, Christmas in Korea is mainly for young lovers. It is considered to be the most romantic day of the year (yeah it is almost like Valentine’s Day). I know, it is quite strange but I am not really sure why Christmas has become a day for lovers. However, nowadays more and more people in Korea celebrate it with family too. Regardless if you are single or taken, have any religion or not, you can enjoy the festive season in Seoul. There are plenty of Christmas related events and festivities around Seoul City.

Seoul Christmas Festival

Place : Cheonggyecheon Stream
Date : 2017.12.9 ~ 2018.01.02
Webpage : (Korean only)

This is probably the biggest Christmas Festival held in Seoul and the most photogenic Christmas spot. Cheonggyecheon stream and Cheonggye Plaza are illuminated by elaborate light installations with themes such as Blessing, Love, White Christmas, and Glory.


Sinchon Christmas Festival

Place : Yonsei-ro area, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Date : 2017.12.23 ~ 25
Webpage : (Korean only)

The Sinchon Christmas Festival is held in Sinchon’s Yonsei-ro area. The street is usually packed with university students and young crowds so if you want to be surrounded by many of energetic youngsters for Christmas, this is the place. There will be an arts and gift market, a Christmas puppet play and concerts.


Santa Run 2017

Place : Yonsei-ro, Sinchon
Date : 2017.12.16, 14:00~20:30
Webpage : (Korean only)

This is an annual event which can be enjoyed by both participants and spectators alike. You can book the ticket to be a participant here. You can choose to be either a Santa or Rudolph. Ticket includes costume, a hotpack, a drink etc.. Or you can just check out the festival. I am sure a Christmas costume contest before the run and a concert after the run will be loads of fun!


2017 Seoul Strasbourg Christmas Market

Place : Yeouido Hangang Park Event Plaza
Date : 2017.12.15 ~ 2017.12.31, Weekdays: 17:00~22:00, Weekends: 15:00~21:00
Webpage : (Korean only)

I love Christmas markets. I enjoy going to a Christmas market to buy tree decorations and to drink Glögi or mulled wine. This year Seoul Christmas Market will be a little more special with a presence of 12 chalets from Strasbourg Christmas Market. Handicrafts, bread, cookies and mulled wine will be waiting for you there.


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