Practicing Baseball in Batting Cages

Do you like watching a baseball game? Have you ever said that you could do more than a player while watching a game. Then, it is the place you can prove it!

There are baseball batting cages in Seoul.  It is usually seen around university areas or the center of downtown such as Insadong, Gangnam and Sinchon. When you are near it, it is not difficult to find them by hearing the metal bats ring.

It costs vary from place, 500 won to 2,000 won for 15~20 balls. There is a bat and gloves for you to wear in the cages. It shoots out balls right after you paying coins into the machine. You should prepare to hit balls being shot out in front of you.

One way to enjoy it is to make a bet with friends. That’s what I usually do~ Have fun~ 🙂






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